Typhoon TV APK Download for Android, Mi TV Stick, FireStick & PC

Typhoon TV v2.3.5 is the latest version which won’t require any password to work on your android and firestick device. Even though the layout and user interface of the app looks exactly similar to that of a terrarium tv and morpheus tv, it has got additional support from the developers in various aspects.

Especially, trakt.tv integration comes with wonderful opportunities such as the ability to “Auto add favorite to collection”, “Auto send watched history”, “Auto check in”, “Auto sync watched history on startup” and much more.

Download Typhoon TV Latest Version

typhoon tv download

Before you download typhoon tv on your smart device, just understand few important facts about the app. This is not for those who are looking to watch al the tv shows and movies that come on tv, for free. This is the legal app which just shares the links legally available in the internet, to all it’s users inside the app.

So, you have to download this app on the device in which you want to install and watch the content which is freely available in the internet. Why are you waiting then, just download typhoon tv latest version today.

If you have trouble with the current version or the latest version, you can try installing typhoon tv old version on your android phone, fire tv or windows pc.

App Name Typhoon TV
App Latest Version v2.3.5
Developer typhoontv.ml
Category Entertainment

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Since the app download is not from google play store, installation requires extra effort. You need to tweak various things on your phone and similar kind of restrictions applies to other devices such as Firestick, Android TV, iPhone and Mi TV Stick as well.

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If you want to make your job simple, you can read any of those articles based on your requirement. Don’t forget to check out the changelog to know what’s new in the app and what’s changed from typhoon tv old version.


Version 2.3.5, November 8, 2020

  • Fixed stuff inside the app

Version 2.3.4, November 1, 2020

  • Fixed providers and resources

Version 2.3.3, October 28, 2020

  • Fixed Typhoon App Crashes

Version 2.3.2, July 6, 2020

  • Fixed errors on tv shows and movies

Version 2.3.1, July 4, 2020

  • Fixed errors on shows, movies
  • Fixed auto update feature
  • Crashes on searching for movie, tv shows fixed.

Version 2.2.8, May 15, 2020

  • Fixed Crashes on Android TV Box, Firestick

Conclusion - Typhoon TV APK Download Latest Version

This is the informative resource where you can find pretty single detail about the app. Check out the changelog to understand what you are going to get with the latest version and what is changed/fixed from the current version. The stable version without typhoon password is yet to be released from the developers. Till then, you can download and install it on your android tv, smart tv, fire tv stick, mi tv stick or android phone.

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