Typhoon TV for FireStick - Download Typhoon TV APK on Fire TV

Typhoon TV has “Android TV Mode” which is a perfect feature for all the firestick users. There won’t be any app crashes because typhoon will fit to the screen width. With this opportunity, you will be able to enjoy the app and it’s contents in a convenient way. Would you like to download typhoon tv for firestick? let’s get started then.

Installing typhoon tv on apk on firestick is a simple process because it is an android app. But you should follow the instructions carefully in order to install it without any kind of difficulties.

typhoon tv for firestick

The default navigation of typhoon on firestick will be “Shows” but you can change it to “Movies” under User Interface which can be found inside app settings. Moreover, you can also select the default shows category and genre from “Trending” to “Premieres” and opt in for anything in between such as Top Rated, Reality, Documentary or Animation.

Modern User Interface can provide you media posters instead of banners for better access to contents. On the other hand, you may hide episode synopsis, thumbnails posters and unaired episodes.

Along with the android tv mode, you will be able to choose Landscape Mode on Android TV and FireStick. Enabling Simple Scrolling on Android TV and Firestick would help you browse through the contents easily.

Download Typhoon TV for FireStick 4K & Fire TV Stick Lite

No matter whether you are using firestick 4k or fire tv stick lite, the instructions are same. Let’s first get started with the most famous method to install typhoon tv on firestick.

If you are on android phone or iPhone or PC currently, download the typhoon tv apk file and save it to any flash device. You can use the downloaded apk file for the installation process on fire tv stick via pendrive. Otherwise, check out the instructions shared below to directly install the app from web.

How To Install Typhoon TV APK on FireStick 4K & Fire TV Stick Lite

By following these simple steps, you can get typhoon tv app on your fire tv stick lite & 4K.

1. Connect your fire tv stick to the tv and connect it to a wifi network.

2. Open Settings of firestick using the fire tv remote that you are currently using.

3. Go to “My Fire TV” or “My Device” menu under the settings.

my fire tv

4. Open “Developer Options” where you can actually make some changes to the android ecosystem on your fire tv stick.

developer options

5. Hit “Apps from unknown sources” on your fire tv stick and then tap “Turn ON” option to enable apk file installations on your firestick.

apps from unknown sources

6. Go back to the home screen of your firestick using the remote and hit the search option.

7. Type “Downloader” in the search bar and search for it.


8. Choose the downloader app from the search results and “Download” option in order to download the downloader app on your fire tv stick.

download downloader

9. Open the downloader app on your firestick once it is installed successfully.

10. Hit “Allow” option in order all the downloader to access files and folders on your device. If you don’t allow this option, downloader will not work on your firestick.

downloader allow

11. Go to the second option (browser) in the downloader app.

12. Enter the url “https://typhoon-tv.org/download/” without quote marks and hit enter to land on the page where you can download typhoon tv apk file.

typhoon tv download for firestick

13. Once you are on the download page, scroll down a bit and hit the download option to save the apk file to your firestick.

file download on fire tv

14. You can see the download progress on your fire tv stick. Do not hit “Cancel” option because that will stop the download process.

15. Tap “Install” option at the installation wizard of the typhoon tv app on your fire tv stick.

download typhoon for fire tv

16. Once the installation is over, firestick will show you a screen as shown in the image below.

typhoon tv firestick

17. Hit “Open” option if you want to use the app from the next second.

Otherwise you can tap done option to close the window. Whenever you want to access the app, go to home screen and then to installed apps section. Consider reading the detailed post about the installation process of typhoon tv on iOS device if you have an iPhone or iPad.

How To Use Typhoon TV on FireStick?

Hey, go to “your apps and channels” category on your fire tv and hit see all option to expand the installed apps list. Tap typhoon tv app’s icon in order to open up the application.

your apps

Once the app is opened up, you will probably see the default “Trending” interface where all the currently trending tv shows got listed. Choose any of them or use the search bar to find out any movie or tv show to watch.

To change the video player for the content to play, you can use the settings to make changes. Go to Settings and then to “Choose default video player” and then select “mx player” in order to make it a default video player.

mx player on fire tv for typhoon

You need to understand that you can choose any video player from the list but only installed video players will get listed there. So, if you haven’t installed mx player, kindly install it first and then choose it as the default video player from the settings by following the above steps.

Conclusion - Download Typhoon TV for FireStick 4K & Fire TV Stick Lite

The elegance of typhoon tv has created tremendous buzz among firestick users from past few months. We have tested the app on both firestick 4k and fire tv stick lite and impressed with various features mentioned in the article above. Even though the app looks pretty simple in terms of design, it boats wonderful functionalities such as getting hd stuff from various sources and especially the landscape mode for fire tv devices. It is definitely one of the nicest choices that we have currently.

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